How to import

It used to be difficult and very time consuming to import vehicles from the U.S., but this is a thing of the past. Today’s rule state that a car registered in the U.S. will pass the same requirements as a car registered in many EU countries. The same rules apply for motorcycles as well, except for boats.

A few years ago, Europe decided to pass a more stringent certification requirement system (CE) for all boats imported into Europe. Today, there are CE certification agents all around the country that can certify boats. CE has turned out to be an additional fee or cost for us that wish to import our own boat and save some money. Still there is a lot of money to be saved on a boat when you import from the U.S.

FLEX is here to help you find you next investment, and we call it an investment because there is a lot of money to be saved on purchasing products from the U.S. Having you as our client we will assist you through the whole process from discovery to the delivery in your home country. All paperwork and documentation will be prepared by us so you just need to let our experience and contact network go to work for you.

Under the icon ‘Norwegian customs’ on our home page, you may read up on import and tax information.